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Card Pyong Post-Mortem

The Mother of all Card GamesImagine, if you will, that I gave you a deck of cards. Provided that you knew the rules and had people to play with, you could potentially play any card game in the world. Now imagine if you had a deck of cards that existed only in a virtual environment. If you were given the ability to manipulate that virtual deck of cards in the same manner as you would a real deck and you could do this while connected to other players online, you could potentially play any card game from anywhere and with anyone in the world. This is the premise of Card Pyong; an online multiplayer game that simulates a deck of cards.

The HistoryCard Pyong was released in 2014. It was built using the LibGDX framework and uses the KryoNet library for its networking. The original idea for the game was based on a conversation that I had with a friend of mine. We speculated that if we could create a game that gave players the power and flexibility to play any card game that they wanted to pla…

Caribbean Games - Part 1: All Fours

Caribbean Games is a series that is focused on highlighting games indigenous to the islands of the Caribbean. GamePyong will explore various local and regional games and pastimes, derive inspiration from them and create games based on them.
A Game of TrumpFor a Trinidadian game developer talking about games native to the Caribbean, we would be remiss if we didn't kick things off with the most popular card game in Trinidad and Tobago: All Fours! All Fours is a trick-taking card game which originated in England in the 17th century and has since spawned numerous other card games including Pitch and Pedro. In Trinidad, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who hasn't heard of the game.

The rules of All Fours are fairly simple. It's a four-player card game consisting of two teams. The goal of the game is to get more points than the other team by winning tricks with the most valuable cards. Points are also awarded for holding the highest and lowest trump and for hanging your op…

Caribbean Games - Intro

Fun under the sun
At GamePyong, we enjoy games of all shapes and sizes. As a Trinidadian game development studio, one of GamePyong's major objectives is to highlight the indigenous culture of not only Trinidad, but the wider region at large. We aim to do this in the only way we know how: by making games!

In this series of posts, we will be diving into some of the local and regional games played by Caribbean people; from All Fours in Trinidad to Dandy Shandy in Jamaica. We will use these games as inspiration for building playable digital counterparts using HTML5 technology. Some games won't be exact replicas; creative leeway will be exercised where necessary to create a compelling experience.

The games will be built in HTML5 and Javascript using the Phaser game framework. This will allow for maximum cross-platform portability. You will be able to play on your desktop/laptop browser as well as on your smart phone. If time permits, we will attempt to build and upload the games to th…