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Game Jamming - Candy Devil

Games built for JamsThe October 2016 edition of the Game Developers Trinindad and Tobago (GDTT) monthly game jam featured the theme Halloween - you are the monster. It required you to build a game where you play as the enemy instead of the hero. GamePyong once again rose to the challenge and built a game within the month of October to fit into the theme.

A Devil with a Sweet Tooth

Since this game jam took place around the same time as Halloween, we decided to build a game around things associated with Halloween. The idea we came up with was Candy Devil; a game where you play a devil who loves candy. We wanted to make this game as simple to pick up and play as possible. The mechanic it uses is a collection and avoidance one. The game can be played with the mouse or using one finger on a mobile phone. The player simply needs to collect as much candy as possible while trying to avoid a constantly increasing number of homing missiles.

The game is available to play via desktop or mobile phone…

Game Jamming - J.O.T.

Games built for JamsA game jam is an event in which game developers, artists and musicians come together in order to create a game based on a theme within a short period of time. It is usually used for acquiring experience in creating and finishing games. The theme and short time span tends to breed creativity. One of the biggest game jams in the world is the Ludum Dare.

The Game Developers Trinidad and Tobago group on Facebook has perhaps the largest collection of game developers in the country. The group runs a monthly game jam in which members propose and vote on a theme and then proceed to build a game within a month. This series of posts will focus on the games submitted by GamePyong for these game jams.
Theme: Make a game incorporating these words: Jetpack, Ocelot and Twin

The first jam was for the month of August, 2016 and it's theme is mentioned above. GamePyong took the theme literally and decided to build a game in which the protagonists are twin ocelots with jetpacks strap…

Game Design - Multiplayer Games Part 2: Simplicity

Games for friendsSometimes the best moments in gaming come when your heart is pounding as you try to decimate your friends in some good old-fashioned multiplayer fun. This series of posts focuses on some of the games we've built to deliver these moments. The next one up is Simplicity.

Simplicity This is a multiplayer puzzle game that was inspired by Super Puzzle Fighter. Players play side-by-side and are given the same set of puzzle pieces (called orbs). The orbs are colour-coded and must be stacked according to their colours. When a smash gem arrives, the player can use it to smash all of the connected orbs of the same colours as the gem. In so doing, the player's field is cleared up a bit and an equivalent number of orbs are sent across to the opponent's field. The first player to reach the top of the play area loses the match. An actual match can be seen in the video below:

Simplicity is a real-time multiplayer game. Players are able to drop orbs at any time. This makes th…

Game Design - Multiplayer Games Part 1: Psychic

Games for friendsGames that you can play by yourself are great, but at GamePyong, we've always been fascinated by the ability to play against anyone, anywhere in the world. The very first version of All Fours Online was built shortly after we first learned how to send data across a network via sockets. Playing against a computer AI can be interesting but it in no way compares to a real, live human opponent. In this series, we'll be taking a look at a couple of the multiplayer games we've built in the past (excluding All Fours, which was covered in a previous post). The first one is a little-known card game called Psychic.
PsychicThis is a recreation of the two-player card game known as Psychological Jujitsu. In the game, a normal deck of cards is separated into its suits, and each player is given one of the suits (not the diamonds). The diamond suit is shuffled and placed face-down in the middle of the players. The players can look at their cards. On each turn, a diamond ca…