Game Prototyping - Slot Quest

Slot Machines + Role-Playing Games

Another reward system that can be used in games that we didn't mention in our previous post is slot machines. This type of system allows players to press their luck and spend coins in the hopes of lining up three of the same symbols. We wanted to see if, instead of just being a reward system, a slot machine could be used as the central mechanic in a game. This prototype combines a slot machine with a role-playing game in the form of "Slot Quest".

Slot Quest

A typical slot machine consists of a number of reels containing several different symbols. These reels are spun when the player pushes a button or pulls a lever and randomly stop on a symbol. If three of the same symbols appear on each reel in a row, the player is rewarded with coins. In Slot Quest, the symbols represent actions that the hero can perform in the game such as moving, attacking and gaining coins.

Each spin costs a coin and if all of the player's coins are depleted, it's game over. After a spin, the hero performs every action depicted by the symbols that the reels landed on. Special bonuses are awarded if two or more of the same symbol appear in a row from left to right. For example, if two movement symbols show up, the player gets an extra move in addition to the two from the reels. If three of the same symbols appear, an even greater bonus is awarded.

The reels also contain hazards which, when landed on, can cause the player to lose health or engage in a battle. If three hazards are shown, the player is sent into a boss battle with tough enemies. When in a battle, the symbols on the reels change to represent actions such as attacking, defending, using spells and gaining health. Successfully completing a battle rewards the player with coins.

As shown in the mock-up above, the game plays out on a board-game style board. Each square on the board may contain special interactions for the player such as chests or traps. The game ends when the player has run out of health, the player has no more coins or the player reaches the end of the game board.

You can try an early prototype of the game here: Play Slot Quest


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