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The October 2016 edition of the Game Developers Trinindad and Tobago (GDTT) monthly game jam featured the theme Halloween - you are the monster. It required you to build a game where you play as the enemy instead of the hero. GamePyong once again rose to the challenge and built a game within the month of October to fit into the theme.

A Devil with a Sweet Tooth

Since this game jam took place around the same time as Halloween, we decided to build a game around things associated with Halloween. The idea we came up with was Candy Devil; a game where you play a devil who loves candy. We wanted to make this game as simple to pick up and play as possible. The mechanic it uses is a collection and avoidance one. The game can be played with the mouse or using one finger on a mobile phone. The player simply needs to collect as much candy as possible while trying to avoid a constantly increasing number of homing missiles.

The game is available to play via desktop or mobile phone browsers here: Play Candy Devil

Technical Stuff

The core of this game is very simple. The player's sprite mimics the location of the mouse cursor or the player's finger. The candy sprites are pooled within a Phaser Group and have arcade physics enabled on them to detect collision with the player's sprite. Similarly, the missiles are also contained within a group and can collide with the player's sprite. The missiles each have a particle emitter attached to them for the smoke trails and all move towards the player's location. The movement of the missiles was adapted from this fantastic game mechanics site: Game Mechanic Explorer.

The full source code for this game was released on GitHub and can be found here: Source Code


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