Game Jamming - J.O.T.

Games built for Jams

A game jam is an event in which game developers, artists and musicians come together in order to create a game based on a theme within a short period of time. It is usually used for acquiring experience in creating and finishing games. The theme and short time span tends to breed creativity. One of the biggest game jams in the world is the Ludum Dare.

The Game Developers Trinidad and Tobago group on Facebook has perhaps the largest collection of game developers in the country. The group runs a monthly game jam in which members propose and vote on a theme and then proceed to build a game within a month. This series of posts will focus on the games submitted by GamePyong for these game jams.

Theme: Make a game incorporating these words: Jetpack, Ocelot and Twin

The first jam was for the month of August, 2016 and it's theme is mentioned above. GamePyong took the theme literally and decided to build a game in which the protagonists are twin ocelots with jetpacks strapped to their backs. The game was called J.O.T (Jetpack Ocelot Twins) and utilizes a mechanic where the player needs to catch falling animals and destroy bombs along the way.

The main component of the game is the net which can grow or shrink based on touch or mouse gestures. J.O.T. can be played here: Play Game.

The full source code of the game was released on GitHub and can be perused here: Get Source Code.

Participating in game jams is tons of fun and it also has the added benefit of improving one's game development skills as well as providing opportunities for receiving feedback from players. GamePyong intends to participate in many more jams in the future.


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